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BANG _ WHO AM I_ ROUGH.mp3 by user822362129 on SoundCloud


Kristylz x Lost Soul x In Stores Now!!!!


Kristylz Kristylz2Twitter : f ollow @PoppinKris        Instagram @Kristylz in store 1384252_10200959847539613_1036933140_n

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Exploring regional listening preferences

I like this it helps me to see wat artist are good to try and work with..

Music Machinery

In previous posts we looked at how gender and age can affect listening preferences. Today we take a look at how the location of a listener may affect their listening preferences.


For this study, I sampled the listening preferences of about a quarter million listeners that have a zip code associated with their account. update: Listener data is drawn from a variety of music streaming services that are powered by The Echo Nest. I aggregated these listeners into regions (state, regional and all-US). To compare regions I look at the top-N most popular artists  based upon listener plays in each region and look for artists that have a substantial change in rank between the two regions. These artists are the artists that define the taste for the region.

As an example let’s compare Tennessee to New England. If we look at the top 100 artists listened to in Tennessee and…

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